Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jesus, I trust in You

Doctrine Concerning the Reality of Hell:

The original exclamation of 33AD?? Jesus must've sed on His deathbed a wild, prescient objective: 'Choose The Way Home ...everlasting peace or everlasting pieces'. Ironic, is it not, how my spectacular, curve-bawl-catastrophY is our subsequent maverick?? Our responsibility as Roamin' Cats/Christians is we only gotta wanna follow the GoldenRule with a critical conscience: we must strive for Seventh-Heaven if you and I are to achieve the Great Beyond, doesn't that presuppose there is an alternative way to spend the length and breadth of eternity of exaggeration?? Nod, YES, class (the Wall -precisely). We also must realize there is a Hell so as not to fall into it to advocate: Q: Some might ask, "How can a SuperIntelligence sentence people to an eternity where you cannot spell 'nthn' backwards? And what does love have to do with it? I'm so kornfused." Poor thing - prooo'bly don't have a head injury. A: "The only good reason to believe anything is because it is an axiom, because it is there; in other words, out-of-honesty" (Kreeft, 310). Yep...
Hell is a reality, whether you choose to believe-it-or-not: a massive, repugnant whole, fulla accurately-thwarted-hyperboly, even bigger spiders and rats, huge dead-heads - you cannot have any peace-and-quiet because, located in the exact middle of earth, a hot, vibrant, unsanitized investment to ponder what you accomplished for eternity with repulsive demons screwing you over like a Stuka everyday (Hitler lost BTW as will you if you think you don't need God); again, Hell is a precise location Downstairs to the exact nanometer of the sins you cultivated without God (Satan, the cynical Loser, lies like a rug to keep Hell silent to git moeNmoe people to fall) O? They didn't teach you in the completely biased, secular 'celebration of chaos' at KU? Avalanche of august exploitation is what I call it Q: Why do you believe Satan's sin is so profuse?? A: Some days after the 'elections' in '08, I saw gobs of people fishing on the property of governor Sebelius How's that working-out, filthy Demo?? You're a bloody LIAR! if you think the Abyss o'the Damned doesn't exist to exterminate in our whorizontal hypocrisy as the door prize. Yeah. Better think summore on where our eternal soul goes after we croak, the sinner's-final-toast. Let's begin, shall we, on this path Upward toward our 'philanthropic + epiphany'? 
Everyone of us, even those foreigners outside of our physical and psychological bodies, shall agree: we all have a soul - even the hardcore atheist, there's no denying this: I personally went to Seventh-Heaven, as all of those NDEs shall proclaim (the being which rose-up outta my body) therefore, WASN'T a palpable, physical creature, I can assure you!! Puh-leeze try to remember that when you're in Hell: you'll see when you, yourself sinned outta-your-own-free-will, Jesus calmly tried warn you over and over and over... Who's fault is that, college student with a Vulcan-death-grip-on-sin??
Pray the daily Rosary, people: the most powerfull weapon against Hell - our Mother kicks-ass

Q: The first question becomes: what is Hell on earth? A: Having a head injury while here doesn't help much: not being able to do all the things you DON'T wanna do - like math; not being able to wokNtokNspell right; not being able to have the whorizontal life I wished for: a rich vet, many wives, mansion, cars, cash, condumbs, calumny, coexist-in-a-coffin; not having 17% of my brain matter intact; not having a family that's close, both psychologically and distance; having dislexia/apraxia resulting - serving my Purgatory in this finite existence: you'll see withe clearest eyes what you've been blinded to, who refuse to believe a punishment resulting from your unconfessed sin is the result of our stupid insanity:

Q: How can God sentence us to an eternity in Hell when our lifetime is so finite? A: How can God keep us in Heaven forever when our existence is so finite?? Dunno. God is a just God: able to give without end Upstairs, able to destroy without end in Hell ...or bad news PS I remember being at the farther pond when I was seven or eight, not too far from our house in the country - I had a schtick: the cattails didn't care how I spelt-out words, softly swaying in the breeze, squooshy mud caressing my feet, and the feeling of invulernable freedom; Oliver, my dawg, was high on benedictive fumes because he found tracks and, by gawd, he was gonna git that skunk even if it means a whiff o'perfume - Skylarks and Jaybirds and Swallows just having a glorious time, flying about, ambivalent 'bout the lowly, earthly creatures. I sat down and thunk about God: for some, it's allah bout this endless lifetime; for others, it's all about what we shall see after we perish.         

Think about this. True, there's a whooooole gobba heat in Hell, yet, Dostoevsky sed the Abyss o'Misery is the 'suffering of not being able to feel passion and the warmth of love': usual thots of Sheol include being dragged to face your lucid judgment in which you may see every mortal sin which condemned you ...and being told by Satan you're nthn but a just hypocrite who deserves everything, as he spits acid on your face (you gotta wrestle with it precisely because you don't have an orchestrated conscience: ya gotta pathologically-sanguine-brain now, ya phlegmwad). TAKE da PIECE O GARBAGE AWAY!!! screams the infernal dick4brains. he wants U.S. to suffer as much as he does for losing the position at God's right hand; therefore, every person must be made aware of the result of sleeping around, abortions, murder, thievery, greed, PRIDE: d'killer of all souls!!! ... in order to avoid the diabolical realm and ascend. Of course, summa youse wanna just to see. HEAR YE! O HEAR YE!! Just as a sinful mortal must develop them own selves everyday about what to do at work so as to invent so-called 'informed' choices about their life, so one must be edUmakated withe teechns of the situation which makes U.S. say, as in Of Mice and Men, what'd Lenny do at the end?

"Of all the doctrines of Christianity, Hell is probably the most difficult to defend, the most burdensome to believe, and the first to be abandoned" (Kreeft). Not with me, pal. If God speaks the TRUTH, I shall defend the TROOF - even if our perverse 'prez' doesn't believe in the dogma of the Abyss, faith in the just reality of Hell is absolutely vital to our society. Why?? some would ask, as they're staring at their LargeHardonCollider. Well, Beavis-and-Butthead, it goes like this: re-read the first, three lines. That's why. A culture without the TRUTH of Hell just assUmes everyone can and shall enter Paradise ...and thar ain't no justice fo' IcyWhole slicing-and-dicing, no repercussions for actions which are less than family friendly. Wotta flokka excoriations, ya bottom-feeder-midgets. Getta job ...Not so fast, oBOMBa. Whacha gonna wanna do about your daughters? They're beautiful. Ya gonna lettum worship the inadequate world with no consequences when they experience the Warning? Better think summore, puppet: you overwhelmingly deserve Seventh-Heaven, yet, with allah the abortions, you're just like Isis!! Burying people alive. Chopping their heads-off leisurely with a knife. Raping and crucifying. Aborting feti. How nice. What must you think Jesus is gonna say, hmmm, when you pass-away, committed allah these atrocities, you have done zilch. nada. nthn. nil. but played worthless golf which you suck at? Ha. Kinda HILARRYous.

So, when the cranium-comprehension (our supine brainzzz) are fully aware of the completely horrifying and permanent reality of damnation, sin is a perverted infatuation of self which you apparently possess, Mr. o'BOMB; thus, in Freud's terminology, sin is choosing the 'superego' before the GEternallyDelicious. Some view God as an All-Loving-Father who would never! ever!! create a realm of unending torment; however, God is a just God: damnation is a choice made by U.S. (and the world) Jesus concedes out-of-respect for His own creation, but, yet, one He certainly doesn't ever desire for us.

The initial indifference for most Christians who goto service, yet cuss-like-troopers-throughout-the-week-after, is an arbitrary decision or belief in the 'laissez-faire' that Jesus DIDN'T teach about Hell 46! times: choosing not to believe in the Abode of the Damned is strictly your choice. What?? Jesus is a liar??? I thot Satan was, the archangel who fell from grace to the Dark Abyss?? No, YAs, there's only 2 realms after our demise, and 1 of 'em ain't too cool: Q: where do you think Light comes from?? A: From astonishing Seventh-Heaven: 'Love implies oBEDience' -NJB. Sorry. You cannot turn-off the Light upstairs simply because you cannot 'turn-off' God ...unless you went to Hell. Yes, Hell exists, Heaven exists, and God Almighty put you and me here to figure-out a way toward either by free will. And dats da fak, Jak. Though we have been conditioned to altogether dismiss the phenomenenon of these two eternities as obstacles concerning our relative direction, it is truly dishonest to deny Hell's possessive state in the world today: Syria + Isis = "shocks that flesh is heir to" (Shakespeare's Hamlet). Don't I and many other Christians sing that song, 'We movin on up' by the Jefferson's? Or was it Jefferson Airplane??

Nevertheless, because God Almighty exists, God 'tokes' the Heavenly Weed which you cannot find anywhere on earth to try and relieve the weeerd surrealism: God isn't automatically moved with wrath and vengence at your incisive indifference; it is possible the very act of Levelheaded, Pragmatic Love enables: "Hell isn't a mystery of God's cruelty, but instead of man's power to hate God" (Sheed, 174). Thus, the fires of the unIlluminatingAbyss are largely the catalyst of God's love for us ...which translates to a hatred for God. Ouch. Yes, as #@!! retarded as it sounds to hate God whom we must answer to someday, anything is possible for perishible human beings. Again, the evidence of far-reaching-wisdom sez this: God has so much exonerated love for His creation, God utterly honors and respects our free will even when we choose the utter blackness of Hell instead of the Light; therefore, because the world is created free from all fraudulent freeks, freeOcharge, it is ultimately possible to choose to go downtown. Dunno why. Guess you can't read. Sad. However unpleasant it is to observe an immortal soul roastin' in the disordered BlazingSaddles, we must be aware our hour-by-hour choices take U.S. one step nearer to Heaven or Hell.

Again, we cannot believe just to believe - like proclaiming the earth is flat: we overwhelmingly know that isn't true as we see from space ...and if the world was flat, how do airplanes fly from La Guardia, bypassing Iceland to Marseilles, France where the interstellar, Azure coast is? The captain of the 747 sez, "Oh, I'm on it!!" as they fly to New Delhi, India to pick-up more passengers, crossing the Pacific to the City of Angels. Funny. How can the earth be flat if you can make a circumference? Touché. Grow-up; not horizontal think. So, no, we cannot believe just to believe, but believe precisely because we fully comprehend all we're able to: knowing therefore the exuberant! flames of the Abyss to show U.S. the everlasting consequences of our undeveloped passion. Just as all living things need water/oxygen to grow to their destinations, we to Seventh-Heaven, deprivation of these leads to perceivable, croakin' time; thus, deprived of God in the flames, the body knows incredulous, manifold torment yet cannot perish precisely because we let GOD! die while on this finite existence: once, a long time ago, when our indelible soul was ambivalent about Jesus, you weaved-the-tale about how you were such a good Christian, telling your 'friends' about how you justly prevailed against the endless adversity and illustrations in your exaggerations  ...but! alas! "Ya ain't upright anymore. You're out to recess" -Alice Cooper .

Even the biggish lummox! shall agree with moi, aussi: in Sheol, their long-lost-soul is made for the astonishingly-rare-vibrations under the azure, blue sky of illustrations, yet, their very spirit sits in a vacant urchin, utterly deprived, a vague falsification of the paradox which once was, still alive only because not all morality has the same weight: God Almighty! adamantly refuses to lettum croak!! They're now fully aware they're entirely co-dependant upon the Trinity who is now their own, eternal antagonist: the awareness that their own acknowledgement of their mortal sins has utterly robbed them of pleasure-beyond-measure is depressing faaar beyond belief. And, bummer, they gotta stay in that cramped cell for an extensive time with no girly mags. Grrr. What'd YOU do, not what'd God do, to land yourself in such an unyielding, 'ex mero motu' (Latin: one's own responsibility)?????  
In conclusion: some people go to Hell. Dats da fak, Jak: Hell ain't no relic of a bygone era nor is it alluding to something which is beyond our grasp - why do we lose Heaven? PEOPLES' OWN WILL TO REJECT HIM, never God rejecting the human: God loves each soul, yet, the world controlled for the most part by the Devil, leading U.S. astray precisely because he's pissed. Isis - a blatant assault on the fabric of humanity. Who sez cutting-off a ten-year-olds head is cool? WTF did she ever do wong except living in the wong country?? Exactly a mortal sin, worthy of Hell fire: a priest could very well fix that, yet, Isis beheads the clergy. What you do on earth, oBOMBa, is what we receive: for allah your abortions: Hell is a real destination which exists dispite the opinion of the MortalMajority. Let us therefore hold fast to our ETERNAL SECURITY: as we remain in God, we're more than conquerors. Death. Is. Final. Over. You finished the race: 'Ex capita mea' (love you, Thea)
-Blessed Holy Socks,
the non-perishable

PS: I was tested at a psyche hospitable yeeers ago many, many times to find-out if I was nuts or odd, loony or mad, insane or cracked, or if I simply had an offensive coordinator 'slip-it-in' to my Chardonnay: oTTotally immersed in the perennial virtues when I experienced the far-reaching, Heavenly-volition-of-death: you will not find many of moi on this earth, yet, you'll find a whole provokk'n lot of us where I'm going, pal. MAKE YOUR CHOICE  -Saw

Which begs the question... Q: Why don't people want Heaven; do they fall in love withe world?? What do we wanna do while in Seventh-Heaven?? A: You get access to an eternity of kick-ass-exaggeration, pal, which never ends which apparently goes along withe time we're living in now; indeed, incomprehensible is the non-exhaustible, intimate play-station; moreover, we may populate the maaany, maaany, maaany universes which'll take a lengthy time. So be happy, college students, and rejoice: This tantalizing world's so lame, Isis: if you kill sumbuddy, being a mortal yourself, you'll drive a wedge between you and Jesus which the spirit of evil can grow and thrive ...till you think Satan's telling the truth. And if you don't choose Heaven, living humbly, loving your neighbor, loving Jesus, game-over. You lost.